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Photos of the prototype (Prototype version 3)


  The new validation pad

small_s3010044bis.jpg small_s3010042.jpg small_s3010045.jpg
The former validation pad was composed of two large physical buttons.
The new validation pad is composed of four physical buttons, and they stick out of the pad by half a centimeter.

  New distance of the camera

small_s3010083bis.jpg small_s3010049.jpg small_s3010058.jpg
We have yet equipped the camera of an optical lens.
The distance of the camera has just been decreased, mounting the camera lower.
Remark: the camera must not be in the projection cone.

small_s3010060.jpg small_capture_cam_old.jpg
Former captured image (720 x 540 px)
New captured image (720 x 540 px)
Before the captured image was covering a zone larger than the surface of the table.
At present time, the captured image covers a surface close to the projection zone.

  Smaller markers on the ruler

small_s3010047bis.jpg small_s3010048.jpg small_s3010047.jpg
Decreasing the distance of the camera permitted to have more pixels by centimetre captured.
The markers become smaller, and their center is better tracked.

  Interaction with a one-puck prop and a two-puck prop

small_s3010090bis.jpg small_s3010091.jpg small_s3010092.jpg
The user puts a first point for the line, using the click button of the validation pad. Then moves the puck, and puts a second point for the line (using the click button).
When a line is created, the user can modify it by grabbing a point using the puck and the click button.

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