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Experiments at the IFP (Prototype version 2)



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Traveling of the platform to the IFP.
The surface of the table must be bright, and must not have contrasted tree knots patterns.


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These first experiments involving 10 subjects were mono-user ones.
Each subject performed the same exercises with the two interfaces.
Half of subject started first using TUI, and the other half started using GUI.
One observer took notes about their actions.

  Exercises using GUI

small_pict0061bis.jpg small_pict0056.jpg small_pict0024.jpg
For first exercise, the subjects have to perform the cutting planes asked by the observer.
Using the graphical interface, subjects generally made some calculations on paper before.
Then, they had to search some residual points marked in white - symbolizing the impact of a ray on reflects - hidden in the subsoil.
To find those white points, they scan the model by steps of 100m using a button of the keyboard.

  Exercises using TUI

small_pict0073bis.jpg small_pict0076.jpg small_pict0078.jpg
The subjects were invited to seat at the table.
They were given a box containing all accessories: 6 pucks, the ruler prop, and the validation pad.
They were told to dispose them were they wanted.

small_pict0040bis.jpg small_pict0086.jpg small_pict0087.jpg
Not any instruction was given concerning the use of the props and the validation pad.
When subjects were asked to perform cutting planes, 100% of them chose the ruler prop.
However, they not all manage to use correctly first. For example, some of them tried to "cut the table", presenting the ruler as the blade of a sword.
Generally, then manipulated the ruler with 2 hands to be precise, and with 1 hand when navigating in the model.

small_pict0046bis.jpg small_pict0047.jpg small_pict0030.jpg
Not all subjects had the intuition to use the "OK" button of the pad.
But once they identified it, they all performed quickly with it.
When searching the residual points, the subjects did not had to their disposal a "step by step" button on the TUI.
But they did not felt penalized, thanks to the easiness to use of the ruler prop and the pad.

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